Interviews with AMS experts

What are the keys success factors for AMS program implementation and the promotion of appropriate antibiotic therapy decisions?

  • Dr. Marcela Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz, Chile
  • Dr. V. Ramasubramanian, India
  • Dra. Anahí Dreser Mansilla, Mexico
  • Dr. Tony Mazulli, Canada
  • Dra. Silvia Lemos, Brazil

How do you see the value of timely diagnostics to help AMS initiatives?

  • Dr. V. Ramasubramanian, India
  • Dra. Silvia Lemos, Brazil
  • Pr. Chris M. Bland, USA

What would be an example from your daily life of how diagnostics can guide therapy and support your AMS initiatives?

  • Dra. Analía Mariela De Cristófano, Argentina
  • Pr Stefania Stefani, Italy
  • Dr. Marcela Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz, Chile
  • Dr. Manuel Ramirez Cardoce, Costa Rica

How do you see bioMérieux helping as a key diagnostics partner?

  • Dr. Manuel Ramirez Cardoce, Costa Rica
  • Dr. V. Ramasubramanian, India
  • Pr Stefania Stefani, Italy
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Cataño, Columbia
  • Dr. Tony Mazulli, Canada

VITEK® range and ID and AST

„We can choose, even for the most critical patients, the best for them based on the MICs and the antibiogram. This is really a bonus with the MYLA®. Rather than do it manually, it is very efficient to just print a report and show them, for example, if we have a high resistance to a certain antibiotic, so they can [adapt therapy].“

DR. AREEJ MUFTI Microbiologist National Guard Health Affairs Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“For susceptibility, the AES system [ADVANCED EXPERT SYSTEM®] gives a lot of interpretation. What we have seen was the carbapenems showed a susceptible MIC, [but we thought it was interpreting wrong]. But when we checked it at the molecular level, we found that yes there was a resistant gene. So it has helped a lot with interpretation.”

Dr. Ali Abdulla Haidermota Senior Lab Technologist Shaikh Khalifa Medical City Hospital Laboratory Dubai, United Arab Emirates

„We get isolates from different parts of the world, different areas, different cities. In order for us to ensure the antibiotic surveillance and stewardship for our clients, we are able to extract this data and send it to them in a format that they understand. This is one of the most important things that VITEK® solutions have that other instrumentation doesn’t.”

Lab supervisor
National reference Laboratory
Abu Dhabi

“If you can inform the physician immediately about the type of organisms and the resistance markers, this will save billions of rupees for the hospital, reduce the number of days in the Critical Care Unit and definitely it will improve patient care.”

Dr. Riyaz A. Husain Consultant Microbiologist Dubai Hospital Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“When it came to [integrating] mass spectrometry, the experience we already had with bioMérieux – the accompaniment, the presence, the hotline, the follow-up, the after-sales services – helped us decide [to add the VITEK® MS with VITEK® 2]. Having an integrated solution for the bacteriology bench offers a huge advantage in terms of ease by interacting with a single supplier.”

Dr. Nathalie Wilhelm Hospital Practitioner in Medical Biology Centre Hospitalier Jean Rougier Cahors, France

“When we conduct identification and susceptibility testing, we are faced with the challenge of accreditation at the same time as to rapidly bring an accurate answer to the clinician. By selecting bioMérieux, accreditation was made easier since the media are already validated for the VITEK® 2 and VITEK® MS.”

Dr. Célia Couzigou Clinical Microbiologist Centre Hospitalier de Rodez Rodez, France

“It may be difficult to measure, but in terms of clinician satisfaction, we see it every day. VITEK® MS provides critical help in the case of rare identifications. Before mass spectrometry, it would take several days to report an identification. The VITEK® MS integrates perfectly with the VITEK® 2, which for me is the most advanced liquid-based susceptibility testing technique.”

Dr. Anne Vachee Medical Biologist, Hospital Practitioner Centre Hospitalier de Roubaix, Hôpital Victor Provo Roubaix, France

“The advantage of the VITEK® MS is, with the database, we will have an especially rapid identification. Concerning resistance and MDRO, the VITEK® 2 gives us alerts, which we can later confirm with other methods or report. We can then communicate with the clinician for the best patient care.”

Dr. Fabien Garnier Hospital Practitioner in Bacteriology Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Limoges Dupuytren Limoges, France

BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® and blood culture

“We reassessed our workflow when we added VIRTUO®, since we hadn’t been doing automated blood culture at night, which we are now doing… we now have the results, detecting the positives, in real time.”

Dr. Claire Daurel Hospital Microbiology Practitioner Caen Normandy University Hospital Caen, France

“In some cases, [the BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO®] has given positive results in five to six hours after loading the bottles. It’s really very accurate and the diagnosis is up to the mark. The main thing is that it is very fast, so we have no long delay in the result if there is anything in the blood culture.”

Mohammed Imad Clinical scientist Microbiology and Infection Control Unit Dubai Health Authority Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“In the year that I’ve been using it, the BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO has really facilitated the overall management whether automation for the pre-analytical, analytical or post-analytical phases.”

Dr. Valérie Lalande Hospital Practitioner in Bacteriology Hôpitaux Universitaires Est Parisien, Hôpital Sainte Antoine Paris, France

“The impact of the VIRTUO® on critical analyses will enable us to obtain positive results more quickly, and therefore to treat patients more quickly. The more rapid it is, the sooner antibiotic therapy can be implemented and therefore the patient is better cared for.”

Dr SUAREZ Hospital Engineer in Clinical Microbiology Assistance publique Hôpitaux de Paris, Hôpital Necker Paris, France

“The VIRTUO® system also provides a major improvement to our quality system, enabling us to meet the COFRAC accreditation appropriately and effectively, including support from [bioMérieux] in this.”

Senior Manager, Biomedical Engineer
Hôpitaux Universitaires Nord Parisien Val-de-Seine
Paris, France