bioMérieux Lab Consultancy services are your partner for optimized transformation

So, you’re getting a new BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® or VITEK® MS instrument in the lab.

“It’s exciting.” “It’s a little scary.” “It could make everyone’s day so much easier.” “We could get reliable results out faster.” “We’ll improve traceability.” “Great, what button do I press now, again?” All of these emotions may be running through the minds of lab team members.

bioMérieux Lab Consultancy servicesThe reality is that with the pressures for labs to constantly provide more results faster, leading-edge technologies like BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® and VITEK® MS are critical additions to life in the lab. They help you increase productivity and maximize quality to support rapid clinical decisions. And they actually will make everyone’s day easier. But let’s acknowledge that new technology means change – which can be daunting. Fortunately, there are ways to get up to speed faster and truly ensure staff are on-board quicker.

The key is this: the human touch is the most important part of technology. This means that integrating technology is most effective when the people who will be working with it are the first consideration. From that starting point, an effective process redesign can be initiated to achieve the right balance between the people, processes and technology.

To understand the value of a process redesign, there’s the old adage of the square peg and the round hole. Imagine that the square peg is the new technology and the round hole is the usual processes. The process redesign involves configuring the square peg (new technology) to adapt to your unique lab. Simultaneously, it gently transforms the round hole (processes) into a more square one. In this way, the new technology will fit smoothly into your lab and you’ll get more out of it.

All this is good… but how do you make it happen?

Enter bioMérieux Lab Consultancy services. We bring our unique combination of microbiology knowledge and excellence in leading business performance methodologies. You know your lab and your own challenges best. Together, we partner to make integrating your new automated instruments a smooth, positive transformation.

The Optimized Integration service, which typically takes about seven days, is built around respect and understanding of your team’s needs and ideas. We listen to you to help pinpoint your challenges, facilitate data analysis and run problem-solving sessions. We collaboratively develop a plan for optimal installation, conduct an improvement event to adapt processes, and then guide your integration. As a result, you’ll get top performance out of your new technology, be able to measure benefits and savings, and get a long-term action plan for sustainable performance.

So, if you’re introducing new bioMérieux automated instrumentation into your lab, empower your team with bioMérieux Lab Consultancy.

Optimized Improvement services are currently available for: WASP® , BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® , VITEK® MS and BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® . Want to know more? We’d love to help! Contact us!