There are two pillars to an ongoing sepsis success story happening today in Scotland. One is a vigorous governmental campaign to raise awareness. The other is action – improving diagnosis and care. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s microbiology department is doing their part with a “Total Sepsis Solution”. The solution integrates innovation to support faster identification and susceptibility testing – and speedier initiation of appropriate antibiotic therapy. And the solution grows as their needs evolve with the addition of new instruments over time:

  • BACT/ALERT® 3D blood culture system
  • VITEK® 2 and VITEK® MS for ID/AST
  • WASP® and WASPLAB® for specimen processing
  • BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® blood culture system

In October 2019, Janet Young, Microbiology Service Manager, detailed their experience for Pathology in Practice in an article titled “Introducing a total sepsis solution at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde”. Here’s a preview:

ON… How the Total Sepsis Solution can positively impact patient care

“The new, automated Total Sepsis Solution at NHS GG&C has the potential to improve the management of sepsis significantly by ensuring patients are receiving the correct treatment as soon as possible.”

ON… Why optimizing workflow is a critical part of the solution

“Enhancing workflows and processes through automation and innovation has helped the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Microbiology laboratories cope with expanding blood culture numbers, particularly following the recent consolidation of laboratories from three to two locations.”

ON… What’s changed through sepsis awareness and action since 2012

“Significantly, the mortality rates from sepsis in Scotland have fallen by 21% since 2012.*”



* Increase in awareness of sepsis. Scottish Government 2018 (