A Saturday in the life of a lab tech who uses bioMérieux’s Remote Video Service

It’s a dark and stormy Saturday night in the middle of COVID lockdowns. But a light is on in the lab – after all, clinicians need diagnostic results rapidly to help critically ill patients. Sami, a Lab Tech, is all alone when he hears a sound that makes him shudder. There’s a glitch in an instrument and Sami knows it can’t wait for Monday – any delay backs everything up. But even the most knowledgeable tech can’t know everything about what can go wrong with a highly-sophisticated instrument. The good news: Sami may be working alone, but he’s not alone! bioMérieux’s new Remote Video Service leverages Augmented Reality to put an engineer “alongside” lab staff – days, evenings, weekends – to troubleshoot collaboratively, almost within minutes of identifying an instrument issue. Augmented Reality creates a virtual and interactive presence so a bioMérieux expert can “see” what the person in front of the instrument sees, as they see it, with the help of a mobile device. Once Sami has connected with a bioMérieux Engineer, Julie, through his tablet, he shows her the instrument and points to where he thinks the problem is. Julie points to a piece next to his hand and tells him what to do. She even superimposes information on the screen, so he sees the real instrument and the instructions at the same time, showing exactly where and what to do. Sami and Julie communicate easily and work fast together. In no time, everything is up and running and Sami turns his attention to some samples that require his expertise.


Sami and Julie might be made up, but the Remote Video Service innovation is real, and real bioMérieux customers and distributors are already using it! Click the link below to watch a video featuring bioMérieux customer Susan Lovegrove, Microbiology Lead at New Cross Hospital, UK.

Hear from Dr. Lovegrove

At bioMérieux, we are paying attention to the quality of services provided to our customers.

In order to ensure the quality of our services offer, bioMérieux propose a full remote support services offer based on 2 solutions: VILINK (for online assistance, update management and data collection) & Remote Video Services (augmented reality and virtual presence).

Recently, bioMérieux launched the Remote Video Services offer for customers supported by our bioMérieux distributors.

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