At bioMérieux, we know that every laboratory’s needs will evolve over time, which is why we partnered with COPAN to distribute and support the WASP® (Walk-away Specimen Processor) and WASPLab® systems. Our goal is to back every system with flexible, innovative services developed using over 50 years of microbiology expertise. Our high quality of support service package, training and education, system optimization, and remote services all facilitate the continuous improvement of laboratory processes. We adapt to you. You don’t have to adapt to us. Based on customer feedback it emphasized that our current customers are satisfied with their systems and the support our teams provide. In addition to overall satisfaction, we asked customers to rate their experiences in four different areas, including Project Coordination and Delivery, Customer Training, On-Site Customer Support, and Remote Customer Support. The positive results across each of these areas are testament to our teams’ expertise and commitment to customer success.

Survey Summary

Project Coordination and Delivery

100% of customer respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the delivery of the WASP® system and instrument installation, coordination of different stakeholders of the project, and customization of the system according to their laboratory processes and expectations.

Customer Training

100% of customer respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with training materials provided on WASP® instrument use, developing autonomy in routine usage, system configuration, and system recovery.

On-Site Customer Support

100% of WASPLAB® customer respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the preventive maintenance conducted by our FSE (Field Service Engineer) & FAS (Field Application Specialist) follow-up.

Remote Customer Support

90% of WASP® customer respondents are satisfied or very satisfied regarding remote support, responsiveness of the customer relations center and the team’s ability to answer questions, fix issues remotely, and give visibility on ongoing complaints.


Results Speak for Themselves

Ultimately, customers from 7 countries participated in the survey, and we are extremely pleased that customers indicated a high degree of overall satisfaction with their experiences for both WASP® and WASPLab®.

WASPLab® is about more than just automation…it’s about your uniqueness. Because each customer’s situation is different—each system is customized with workflows specific to the customer’s needs—this level of satisfaction among our install base is exceptional.

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