Do lab processes really help patient care? Dr. Vincent J. LaBombardi and his microbiology team at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center answer a resounding YES in this paper on how to maximize the use of bioMérieux’s VITEK® 2 system via its Advanced Expert System™.

VITEK 2 AES Whitepaper

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Download the full paper and see how they:

  • Customized their VITEK® 2 to flag certain complicated or questionable susceptibility results to enable them to perform further tests – and catch unusual resistance patterns
  • Improved susceptibility reporting workflow with customization, automation and preferences – getting data to clinicians faster
  • Use auto-posting (i.e. automatic release of preliminary results when the susceptibility result is consistent with the organism identification) to enable reporting hours – even days – faster
  • Use the VITEK® 2 colour indicators to review results more easily and rapidly