Helping you maximize lab operations by leveraging the full value of your bioMérieux instruments is important to us. That’s why we recently connected with our clients to offer free access to online training for the VITEK® 2 Advanced Expert System™. It’s your chance to perfect your skills and use the Advanced Expert System™ to get even more benefits from the VITEK® 2. Boost lab efficiency – for a limited time, free access is just a click away!

Here are 4 reasons to take advantage of this free limited-time offer:

  • Faster reporting to clinicians provides information for more rapid implementation of targeted therapy1,2
  • Automatic and standardized validation of every result means true confidence in results
  • The Advanced Expert System™ streamlines your workflow for improved productivity
  • With faster, more accurate results1,2, you can help improve patient outcomes

This training is currently available in 4 languages. Select your language and get started!






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