Can a lab double the number of samples it processes, increase quality and make better use of technician time?

Dr Jérémy Bayette, Medical Microbiologist and Co-Director of LaboSud Microbiology Core Lab in France says his lab has been able to do just that. He explained in an interview with Practical Patient Care that this boost in performance came through the installation of the WASPLab® end-to-end specimen processing solution, manufactured by COPAN and empowered by bioMérieux.

Here’s a preview:

Dr. Jérémy BAYETTE

ON… why WASPLab® is their choice for optimizing efficiency

“When we saw a facility equipped by bioMérieux, their organization was always more efficient. That was proof enough for us to adopt WASPLab® and using the solution has only convinced us further.”

ON… what happened when they leveraged the power of the PhenoMATRIX® expert system to accurately sort plates

“[We experienced] improvements in technical time, traceability, safety, quality of results and time to results reporting…. We also nearly doubled the number of urine samples we were processing in the lab with the same number of technicians.”

ON… how Colibrí® automated picking module transformed their approach to suspension preparation for AST

“Now that we’re automating that process with Colibrí® we’re decreasing the risk of errors, and ensuring standardization and accuracy while freeing technicians for more value-added tasks.”